Protecting your Budget on Black Friday

by Francisco Javier ArceoNovember 17, 2019

Black Friday is an exciting time of year.

Great deals seem everywhere and the opportunity to save money on some high dollar purchases is a click away...but only if you were planning on making that purchase.

Companies spend a lot of money on marketing their products to you in the hopes that you’ll make that unplanned purchase.

When we buy something that wasn’t planned (a part of our budget), even if the item was on sale, did we actually save money?

Unfortunately not. These unplanned purchases can prevent us from achieving our financial goals.

Now we’re not saying don’t buy that TV that you’ve been saving and planning for!

We’re just saying that you shouldn’t let other companies decide what’s best for you. You can do that...and if you need help, we’re here too.

So here are five easy tips to help you stick to your budget on Black Friday:

5 Tips for Protecting your Budget on Black Friday

  1. Breathe and be calm
  2. Don’t let marketing influence your decision making
  3. Write down which item(s) you want to buy
  4. Compare prices online to see who has the lowest price
  5. Buy it at the store or online!

Now go enjoy your Black Friday shopping! And also make sure you have a plan! ;)