Avoid spending more money during summer holidays

Summer is the time when a lot of people go on holiday to the beach or the mountains. Even some travel abroad. After a year of living with restrictions due to the pandemic that didn’t allow people to move, now that the vaccine is available and some States are returning to some kind of normal life, people are ready to go out on vacations, increasing the demand and, of course, prices. However, beyond the relief of going back to some of the pre-Covid19 life, personal finances must be taken into account as well as the family’s economical capacity of actually taking a summer break.

If you are some days available and you would like to go on vacation, the first thing you must think about is if you can afford it after such a complicated year. There is nothing wrong with not being able to go to the beach despite everybody’s promise that is cheaper now because there is not high demand and the tourism sector needs to go back on track, lowering prices. If your numbers still aren’t reflecting what you need to take this decision, you can avoid doing so. In case you have some spare money (not your savings) to go to the beach or the mountains, either way, you have to take some things into account before packing your bags.


Budget for vacations

If you already have the money to go on holiday, prepare a special budget for it. Think about the place, where are you going to stay, food and if you can take your pet with you. You have to know all the expenses that you most likely will have during those days off so you can establish a spending limit for you and your family.

Travel off-season

Despite this is the moment of hot weather with the best climate to tour around and take advantage of beaches and lakes, but is it worth it to pay a higher price? When the demand is at its peak, everything becomes more expensive. Consider if you can afford those numbers or if you are able to reduce some expenses by going on vacations at the end of the season when there aren’t that many people and prices are lower.

Choose the destination based on the price

A way to compare prices is by using travel apps such as Hopper that will notify you each time a flight becomes available for a cheaper price. You can follow several destinations at once so the app will let you know which one they are at their lowest price. Instead of you choosing the destination, the destination chooses you. However, even if the plane ticket is cheaper, prices might be high still at the place.

Weekends getaways

You don’t need 15 days or a week. You can use a weekend to tour places near you and turn that experience into a small road trip. It will be cheaper and still you will manage to get the experience to disconnect from your reality for a couple of days, which is the true goal behind the holidays.

Although many of the people you know are going to the beach or even traveling abroad, you shouldn’t feel left out if you can’t afford to do so. The pandemic isn’t in the past yet and if you are cautious instead of spending your money and wait until things feel much more normal to feel safe, it means that you are managing your finances smartly and efficiently.

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