Budgeting for indulgence

When it comes to personal finances, it seems that all recommendations are around saving and spending less. In fact, the emphasis is on planning the way money is used but managing finances does not mean that you can’t have some indulgence. You should save money to use it for those things that give you satisfaction.

Each time you prepare your monthly budget, along with fixed spendings and those such as the supermarket or gas for the car, you should add a category only to spend on those things that provide you with any sort of happiness. For example, if you like to go to the movies each month, you can save money for this activity. For this, you can establish a maximum amount of money to spend and you shouldn’t go over it so this method keeps working.


Instead of feeling guilty for spending money, you will know that, within your monthly planning, you negotiated enough amount (taking into account your economical capacity) to give yourself some permission to indulge. You must understand that the income you make through effort at work is not only to survive but also to enjoy it.

It is about looking things through what you do with your money perspective -and maybe you would want to do more things- but you have doubts and you are saving money for your emergency fund, so, logically, that you don’t have money available to afford those things that you enjoy. However, you must find a way to do so, even if you go to the movies once a month. You don’t need to set apart 100 dollars but maybe with 10 dollars, you can acquire something that can give you satisfaction.

Managing efficiently your house’s economy, shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice you have to do each month because eventually, you will spend more money than you should after feeling frustrated due to the impossibility of using the money for anything but obligations. If it is correctly planned, most likely you will be able to buy something you want each month.

Perhaps, if you include this in your budget, you will find out about other areas where you are spending more money than you should and that you could be using for indulging. As far as it is included ahead of time and it has a limit, you shouldn’t see any disadvantages but satisfaction when you reach your goal to fulfill all your monthly commitments. Besides you will have access to those things that you enjoy and that, in reality, make the quality of life.

It is not about managing personal finances only to fulfill obligations and acquire only what we need to survive. It is crucial that, with awareness, you can enjoy the effort you make after working the whole week and give something for your well-being through those elements or activities that give you happiness.

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