Budgeting for summer vacations

If the summer is when you and your family take time off to go on vacations, you know that you have to save during the rest of the seasons to have enough money for the expenses related to leaving your house for a while. Despite using all the tactics to avoid spending more money than you should, there is something you must do: budgeting for summer vacations.


What is a summer budget and what is it for?

The budget you prepare for the summer holidays aims to organize your finances around expenses that could take place during the time you use to rest. In addition, to have a daily budget for the rest of the year, you prepare a specific one that oversees the amount of money that you set aside for vacations and the way you will use that money depending on the needs and the place you go to.

What is the difference between a summer budget and a daily one? You must think about categories that you usually wouldn’t consider and that must be added to the expenses that you already have (not because you are leaving for the beach, you won’t stop paying your car loan). If you have been saving all year round to go on holiday, most likely you are able to go out to dinner more than once. It also includes extra spendings such as stay, car, etc.

Which expenses you must consider before leaving for summer vacations


The options depend on where you are going to but you can go to a camp, rent an Airbnb or stay in a hotel. Then you must think about what you might need to purchase or take with you such as a sleeping bag, towels, and food. If you choose a hotel, make sure to see if it has breakfast because if it doesn’t you have to add another meal to your budget.


If you are going to enjoy some outdoor activities, taking advantage of the nice weather, your body likely demands more food and you will need to eat some snacks. Also, if you visit a place with particular gastronomy, you would like to have some extra cash to go to restaurants. Depending on where are you staying, you might use the kitchen to prepare some food (during holidays you can meal prep as well)


In case you have pets, you must think about taking them with you -depending on where are you going and the place’s requirements- or if you have to leave them with a family member. Another option is to leave them in a pet hotel that will cost money and that should be reflected on your summer budget.

Health Insurance

Something that many people forget about until is very late is hiring health insurance if they leave the country. If you are planning to visit family abroad, you must have international health insurance. Although you might think that you won’t use it, it is better to prevent any possible situation that might end up in a hospital visit that will cost you a lot of money.

Items for vacations

You might need to buy clothing for certain weather and activities you will do in the place. Of course, you don’t need to spend too much but you might need to buy some. Also, the summer holidays are the perfect time to do things that you usually can’t do because of lack of time such as reading or watching movies. Add to your budget any expenses associated, for example, with book shopping to read at the beach or streaming services to watch movies.

Gas y car maintenance

Even if you are taking a weekend getaway, if you are going to use your vehicle you must know that you will use more gas than normal or that you have to take your car to maintenance to ensure that is in perfect conditions before hitting the road.

There is no need to splurge money for summer vacations. If you have money to take some days off and leave your routine behind, it is more than fair to do so after so many hours working. Through a budget and efficient planning, you will feel more secure about your finances so you can enjoy a well-deserved break.

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