Don’t spare your money on this!

Saving is a crucial part when it comes to personal finances and there is always an emphasis on having enough money in your bank account to feel safe, and to live comfortably. However, it is not only about not spending the money that you earn while working 8 or more hours per day. Sometimes, the truth is that due to safety you can’t spare your money. On the contrary, you must see it as an investment or as part of the price you pay for a service or a product.



Although they might seem expensive, having health or life insurance might prevent you from paying higher prices in the future and that must be done at the moment. Thinking that ‘nothing will happen to me ’ could mean a terrible financial decision. Every single person is at risk to suffer an accident or having their house burnt. Paying insurance, which covers a large part of the damage you might suffer, will allow you to live with less stress and even -when it comes to health- accessing better services.


Donations do not always mean giving money away for a cause. The truth is that not everybody can donate money, for example, to their local animal shelter. But you can give your time -which is a very important variable when it comes to personal finances- to clean the place or to take the animals for a walk. You only need to find a cause that you feel identified with and find out the alternatives to help. You will see that many people need extra support but they can’t afford it, and they will more than grateful to have more hands to do the job.


If you have money to go out for dinner or to buy delivery, you have to have the extra money for tipping. it might sound aggressive to put it in that way but money people who work at restaurants or delivering food, depend on tips to live and must be recognized if they did a good job.

House and car maintenance

If your car needs a repair, you must invest your money for your own safety (and everybody else’s). The same thing goes for fixing the house: if you do not invest money in maintenance, a little problem might turn out into a bigger damage that will cost you more money. Even if you think these things can way, it is better to tackle the issue sooner rather than later.

One hobby

Most people have several hobbies. Some can be really expensive and you can’t invest money in them each month. Nonetheless, you can pick one and plan some expenses around it. If you like painting and you need brushes and paints, plan shopping for them. It is important to have hobbies that can distract you from your work and daily problems. That is why you shouldn’t spare those things that will give you happiness.

In some cases, the money you have to invest would be higher but can’t fall into the obsession of saving without thinking about some things that are also good for your well-being and that you shouldn’t spare.

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