How to make money with what you already have and no longer use

You are likely the owner of many things that no longer have a use within your home. They cost you money and maybe there was a time when they were useful. But what happens when they become just an object collecting dust on a corner? You might have bought things due to an impulse and today you are not sure what to do with a piece of furniture that you no longer like or even an electronic device. Perhaps you believe that you cannot get that money back and you must give it away or toss it but you better think twice before getting rid of anything that you have but you no longer use: you could make some money by selling them.


If you declutter your house, you will find these types of objects that already fulfilled their use within your environment. Carrying out a declutter not only will help you identify them but also can lead you up to thinking why you bought something (impulse buy?) and you become more mindful of how you spend your money.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to make money with what you already have at home but it no longer serves a purpose. Maybe you won’t gain the total amount that costed you but between having a useless object and making some money, the balance will be inclined towards earning extra cash.

Take into account that, before selling anything you have to make sure they are in a decent state and price them at a fair fee, thinking about the use and how much wear these products already have.

Garage sale

The classic way of selling items and there is a reason why it’s so popular. If you have a lot of things that you need to get rid of, this method might be very effective. You only need to put out all the stuff you wish to sell and wait for the neighbors to stop by. Of course, it does help to announce it a few days before the sale so whoever walks by your house knows that there will be a garage sale.

Facebook MarketPlace

This is one of the latest additions to Facebook. Despite controversies around the way this social media platform works, the truth is that the MarketPlace tab has proven to be efficient for many people, who recommend it over and over when it comes to buying and selling stuff online. It only requires having a Facebook profile, taking a picture of the object you want to sell, put a price on it and then wait for all those interested to contact you. Unlike garage sales, you can expand your reach to more people than your neighborhood.

Exclusive apps for buying and selling

eBay was the pioneer and it’s a perfect example of exclusive websites that focus on selling and buying transactions. Today, just like this platform, there are apps and sites dedicated to a certain type of product. For example, Depop is used for selling clothes or Decluttr is for people who are looking for electronics. Through these apps, you can focus the sell to a targeted audience who already is wishing to buy these products.

Making money with what you already have might not make you a millionaire but if you are going through a rough economical time, it might help you to have an extra income that you can use to pay debts, buying groceries, or just save money.

It’s time that you and your family declutter your house, revise if there is anything that you no longer use, and earn some money in return!

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