How to avoid 'social media spendings’

Nowadays, it’s really hard to keep far away from social media. Platforms such as Twitter allow people to know the latest developments and to keep up with the news. But Instagram or TikTok also have proven to be an advertisement place for brands, shops, and even people. Many times, people end up purchasing a product through these apps and that’s when personal finances are impacted by social media.

Gaining clients through Instagram might be subtle or straight to the point, offering the product and clarifying that it in an ad indeed. Whatever the way it is delivered to you if you know that social media is leading up to spending too much money, it is time to change the way you interact.


1-Limit the time you spend on social media

Most smartphones have a feature to limit the time you spend on certain apps. You establish a maximum of time per day that you wish to spend looking at social media and once the time is up, the access is restricted (partially, you can decide to open the app but it depends on your self-control).

2-Unfollow brands and influencers

If you discover that you follow a pattern that encourages you to purchase what you see, most likely you need to unfollow that brand or a store. If they are displaying the latest products that have arrived but that you don’t need or the tempting discounts they have (that neither justify that you spend your money if you don’t need anything), of course, you will want to hurry up and buy them. Sometimes, influencers or celebrities promote products so you buy them. Just unfollow these accounts that make you an impulse buyer.

3-Unfollow if comparison feelings arise

Despite it might be a little rude to unfollow a friend or a facility member, if there are people that make you feel any sort of a negative feeling such as comparison that might make you use money irresponsibly, you have the freedom to choose to unfollow them. Social media is meant to be used during your free time to distract yourself and not feeling bad because you can’t afford a trip to The Caribbean.

4-Find something to do instead of scrolling

The time that a person wastes looking at social media could be used for something more productive. Scrolling to kill time isn’t healthy, even worse if you fall into the tramp of opening all the ads offering things due to the algorithms that know all about your interests. Try to spend less time on the phone and find another activity to have fun.

5-Follow accounts that encourage healthy financial habits

Just like social media is used to sell, some accounts use these platforms to promote healthy habits, and their content aims to inspire followers to watch out for their money or mental health. Usually, they share tips to reach well-being and stress-free life.

6- Do not force yourself to create content

Sometimes, the need of having something to show to find acceptance within followers, people force themselves to find ways to create content. This only means spending money on things that make the image prettier or paying for an expensive brand to prove that they can afford it.

You must remember that social media is based on previously curated content and it's not real life. if you know that whenever you see Instagram or Facebook you find yourself wanting to purchase whatever you see there, it is better to take a step back and think about the impact that they are having on your finances.

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