Meal prep: a method to save money

Groceries shopping is a high-cost thing that cannot be avoided in a person’s monthly budget. It can’t be avoided because every human being needs to feed himself or keep the house clean. You might believe that you can’t save more money in the supermarket as it is but it turns out that there are ways to lower the cost.

One of the techniques that have gained more followers since last year encouraged through social media, is meal-prep. The truth is that it can be useful not only because you don’t have to go to buy a missing ingredient -and to that, you must add the cost to go to the supermarket- it also avoids wasting food that otherwise would go bad, using food for different recipes and intercalating them through-out the week.


Another thing that meal prep has as a positive aspect is that it saves time. Thinking each day about what you are going to eat and go through the fridge is annoying and many times it leads up to call for a pizza, spending more money.

The easiest way to do it is weekly planning so vegetables, fruits, and any other type of food that might go to waste soon, are used better. Basically, you sit down and think about what you want to each during the week.

Divide the list into days and the number of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) that you want to think about. When adding the meal, take a look at the recipe to make sure that you add all the ingredients to the grocery list. If you want to save more money, try to use the same ingredients for different recipes. If any of these days you are planning to go out for dinner or calling for food delivery, you have to add it as well so you add it to your monthly budget and so you know that you won’t be cooking that day.

if you want to take shopping for groceries to the next level, you can organize the products according to the way you walk around the supermarket so you save more time. Also, you will avoid wander around, perhaps adding unnecessary snacks that will end up costing more.

Of course, you must revise the expiration date for all the products and make sure they will last a week or even more to fulfill the goal of meal prep with anticipation.

Meal prepping saves you from wondering, each day, what are you going to eat. It only takes revising that week’s plan and you will know which ingredients you need to have in hand before cooking dinner.

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