Memberships: Are they worth it?

If you ever received an offer for a store or service membership, it is logical that you have felt the temptation to get one to gain points or exchange it for products. Some of these cards, such as gym memberships, allow people to use facilities for a lower cost than usual, plus giving access to other areas that are exclusive for members. However, is it worth it to have a membership?


Memberships allow having some benefits in stores or brands that use this method to build loyalty with the customer and force them to come back over and over again. For example, using the system of gaining points that later on can be exchanged as they were money. In this case, you will have a benefit that will help you to reduce costs. Having a membership for a supermarket could be very useful when what you are buying will help you later to acquire other products.

The best way to take advantage of memberships is to be a frequent consumer in a store and no a person that buys products from different stores. Basically, if you are a loyal customer is probably that you could use the membership more efficiently. However, when you become a member but you don’t go that often to that place or the benefits are not that useful, you will be losing money. Imagine paying 300 dollars for a vet’s membership which gives you 10 free consultations for your pet and 5 surgeries within a year without any cost. The truth is that you don’t take your pet that often to the vet and most likely it won’t need 5 surgeries within a year. In this case, you will be paying a high price for something that you won’t be using.

Mistakes when choosing memberships

  1. Getting one “Just in case”: You will lose money when having a membership for a just in case you need a service or when you need one product. This might be something we need one time, for example, having a membership for a baby’ store in case we need to buy a gift for someone who is about to have a baby.
  2. Having many for the same purpose: Try not to have these memberships from places that offer the same service. It is better to choose one that you often go so you take advantage of the benefit.
  3. Choose one that is not for your lifestyle: It is not worth it to have a Trader’s Joe membership if you don’t live close to one and you have to drive a lot of time to reach one. You should be realistic and assess the cost of moving to the supermarket as well. Besides, it is more likely that you visit the supermarket that is closer to you.

Membership cards can help us reduce costs or exchange them for something instead. They are useful as long as you are a loyal client. It is not necessary to have thousands of them, just having those that meet our needs and lifestyle since they will help our finances.

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