Outsmart your groceries shopping

When it comes to personal finances, there are a couple of basic measures to take to have better management of the income. Creating a budget is the starting point to learn how to divide the amount of money that comes in and those spendings that are a monthly priority. It is possible that each month, you will find an inevitable investment of your money in grocery shopping because it is the basic way to satisfy one of the human beings’ basic needs. It can’t be avoided, despite the high cost, it must be done. However, this doesn’t mean that many times the total cost is higher than it should be because there is an inefficient use of money.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, Americans spend between 145 and 345 dollars in grocery shopping. How is it possible to reduce that amount of money each month?


Make a list

Despite it might look obvious, not everybody goes to the supermarket with a grocery list of all those things they need. Some people simply arrive at the place without any previous planning and grabbing anything they might need. They just take grab what they find on their way. It is possible, then they end up with their cart full of products that are a consequence of an impulse or believing that something is missing in the pantry.

Before leaving the house, it is important to revise what things are lacking and taking into account the expiration dates. For example, it is not worth buying a variety of vegetables if they will go to waste immediately because there wasn’t a previous idea of how you are going to use it.

Plan your meals

Make a list of meals that you will prepare ahead of a week or two. Try to make the most of the ingredients by using them multiple times so you don’t have to throw away any food. You will save time when you don’t have to think every day about what to cook for dinner and is very useful for those families who have children that have to prepare lunch to take to school.


Make an inventory of things that are already on your pantry and fridge, write down their expiration date to know what you need to consume first and what you must replace soon.

Use your creativity

You don’t need a chef’s talent but, saving money when grocery shopping might depend on how creative you are when cooking. Take advantage of the internet and search for easy recipes that might help you using what is about to go to waste and you don’t know what to do.

What expires first is the priority

You can indeed keep food in the fridge and learn how to do it helps to reduce the price you pay when grocery shopping. You can do a little research and find different ways to frozen fruits and vegetables for other uses. However, there might be products that can’t be kept for so long, and is better to use those things that you know are about to expire soon. Vegetables are an example of this.

It is true that spending money in the supermarket can’t be avoided and must be included in the monthly budget but these measures might help you a lot to control the way you do grocery shopping to avoid a higher cost than it should be.

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