Small decisions that can cost us a lot of money

The decisions that we make in our daily lives affect have an impact on personal finances. When we choose a brand over another one or when we pick a specific timing to buy something, such as discounts, we are involving money management and more often than now, we think that the cheapest option is the best one. However, this is not always the case and we are losing time and money.


Discounts and promotions are always a temptation due to the cost reduction. Something that it originally had a higher price, lower its cost and you buy it cheaper. An example of this is free shipping offered by some brands or stores when you buy online and spend a certain amount. A mistake that many people make is to add products even without needing them, just to have free shipping. In the end, they end up paying more because of those products that you didn’t budget for.

Another thing that can happen is that the person who helps the customer does not apply the discount. This also might happen through website purchases that request a special code so you don’t pay to ship but when using it, they end up charging it either way because something didn’t work as expected.

When you choose a brand over another, perhaps because of pricing, you might not think about the quality of the product. In the end, you might find that the product breaks immediately or doesn’t last beyond a few days. This means a waste of money because it didn’t fulfill its function and you had to throw it away. Of course, you can go to the store and claim but this means investing time to do the whole process. Although this is your right as a customer, the truth is that it takes some actions that could be really exhausting.

Often, to pay lower prices, people go to the store to buy a product that they have seen online to avoid shipping costs. But despite checking the availability, the product can’t be delivered because it might take a different logistic. In this case, usually, the option is to return a few days later, meaning that you have to spend money on transport and more of your time.

Some of these actions might be a consequence of bad customer service when they do not provide the right information to the client. Or it could be that misleading advertising promise something with certain characteristics that aren’t fulfilled in the end.

When it comes to acquiring goods and the cost of money, the durability of the product must be taken into account. We don’t buy something expensive to throw it away immediately. Even if it sounds tempting to pay the lowest price, in the end, it will cost us more money because first, we invested in something cheaper to end up purchasing the same thing again, costing more money, after it breaks and it is thrown away.

To invest your money efficiently, you must think about all these things and analyze how every promise made to clients might affect your personal finances.

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