Summer jobs: why teens should apply for one

One of the most enriching practices for teens and their personal finance management is the possibility to have a sort of income that allows them to learn how to manage their finances. Summer jobs are an excellent way for young people to begin their experience in the job market and also to learn how to use their money during the months that they are out of school or college.

Summer jobs are meant for young people in the United States who do not have any previous experience and do not require any special qualifications. The bright side is that they do not interfere with their education since they take place during the summer holidays and they receive an income for their services. A huge variety of jobs are available such as store clerk, pet sitters, baby sitters, and gardening. Nowadays, they can even offer their knowledge around social media for local businesses in their communities.


The fact that they start working as teenagers, not only gives them an idea of how the future might look like but also they will gain skills that will be useful whenever they look for a job such as good customer service, negotiation skills, and conflict management, punctuality and responsibility. Despite this might seem obvious, not everybody knows how to talk to a difficult client and this is something that in the future could be useful when looking for a job or negotiate during a task developed within a team.

Besides, having a summer job will allow them to gain experience for the future they will face as adults. It is a way of earning money that will have to learn to manage whether it is to pay university or to acquire something they want to buy, creating saving and planning habits which are the foundation for budgeting their finances.

Having these work experiences will allow them to meet people that might be helpful for future opportunities, once they finish school. Of course, it also means that they can help their families’ economy through the money they make during those months.

Before the summer begins, it is a good practice to start searching for opportunities and preparing their CV to take to those stores where they would like to work at. These months are ideal to explore who might be interested in hiring them or begin asking around the neighborhood if they know about any jobs available. This is also important for those jobs that might require candidates with anticipation, such as summer camps.

Parents should encourage their children to make the most of the summer months while they are out of school to gain experience that later will be useful to apply for jobs and face their own money’s administration. Later, teens will be thankful for having the chance to work and learn how to manage their finances before even leaving college.

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