You can save money by doing these 5 things

Of course, there are expenses that a person has to do. However, there are some activities that we believe are needed and that cost a lot of money. These are included in the monthly budget to make sure they are part of personal finances. But some of these activities have their free alternatives that often help to save money instead.

It is not about avoiding the actives and stop doing them because truth be told, some of them provide an extra experience and you have to have some indulgence from time to time. But what you can do is to alternate each month and even replace the options that cost money.



This alternative depends on your ambition regarding fitness. There are some activities, of course, that must be practiced within gym facilities depending on the training that is required. However, if you only need to have a simple exercising routine to do some cardio for your help, you can go for a walk or running around your neighborhood. If the weather is way too cruel where you live, you can pay for a gym membership during the colder months and then go for a run outdoors during spring and summer.


Going to the movies is an experience itself. But when you are in saving mode and your budget is already tight, having the option of paying a streaming service can help you avoid spending more dollars than you need. The truth is that most people are already paying for a service like Netflix, so it is better to make the most of it. The same thing happens if you like reading: use your local library every time you can. However, if there is a movie that is premiering and you want to watch or there is a book that you want to have on your bookshelf, there is nothing wrong with investing your money once you planned to do so.

Free activities

Sometimes, the options to do something different during the weekend are for free. From going to the museums or to a park, these options are right in front of our nose and they don’t even cross our minds but they don’t cost a penny and you can experience something different.


Often, people who work at offices go out for launch. Once in a while, it is a good idea to share lunch with a colleague. However, if you meal prep for it, you will use your week’s groceries, avoiding spending twice in the supermarket and in a restaurant.

Public transport

If your city has a good public transport system, take advantage of it! It is not necessary to spend money on Uber rides or, instead of buying a car, use that money for the downpayment of a house. Think about the real need behind buying a car while having the chance to move around town through buses and metro.

Do the math and go through your personal finance plan to apply some of these options that will cost you less money.

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