You should invest in these things in 2021

The 2020 pandemic did not end on December 31st and still, in 2021, it seems that the world goes back and forwards with the lockdown restrictions. Although it is very discouraging to learn about the existence of new variants of the virus and that the number of infected people goes up, the truth is that there are a lot of lessons taken from last year’s situation and that should be used this year. After changing the lifestyle, new needs and activities that haven’t been noticed before were recognized and it is time to acknowledge that we must invest money in some of them to help to improve our lives while we go through this pandemic.


Health insurance

Even though it shouldn’t take a pandemic to highlight the importance of having health insurance, it was in 2021 when many people realized how expensive it is to receive medical care. Some insurance companies had to start covering from the cost of coronavirus testing to any intervention related to COVID-19.

If you haven’t budget yet for health insurance, it is time you do so. You might believe that you won’t need it because nothing ever happens to you but a pandemic has proven that things might change in a blink of an eye.

Online courses to learn new skills

Restrictions around lockdown have loosened up but it doesn’t mean that there is a general warning remaining to reduce circulation as much as you can and avoid being among a large group of people. While 2020 meant spending a lot of time inside the house it also meant that many people lose their jobs. This situation, which combines free time plus the need of finding a new job, learning new skills might set you apart from other candidates or, if you have a job, it could mean moving forward in your career. By having free time that can’t be used to go out, you can invest it in joining one of the platforms that offer online courses for a monthly fee.

Comfortable furniture

Home office type of work had to adapt so quickly by companies and employees that none of them had what it was needed to work from home. In an office, furniture is prepared so the employee can work comfortably at the desk while at home it is rare to have an office space. It is not the same to sit on an ergonomic chair to sit on a chair that you use to eat your dinner. That is why, if you keep working from home, you have to make sure to acquire furniture to perform your tasks in a comfortable way to avoid health issues. Many companies are thinking about extending the home office method to a permanent thing or at least until there is more certainty around the pandemic.

Work out clothes

Working out is one of the most needed activities to improve mental health during the pandemic. The extended lockdown had to be counteracted with the need to move the body whether it was inside the house or taking advantage of the chance to go out for a run while gyms remained closed. Since the situation has been extended to 2021, it is important to invest in a good pair of running shoes and comfortable clothing to work out. This does not mean to go out on a shopping spree but to buy the necessary equipment to work out.

House maintenance

Since people work at least eight hours outside their houses -adding up the time to go from the house to their jobs- you might haven’t noticed that your home needed some fixing that will avoid that something small could become a bigger problem. Since 2021 is proving to be like last year, you must invest money in fixing the house since it seems you will spend a lot of time there.

Check your monthly budget and make sure that you are covering some of these things that will help your well-being while the world finds a permanent solution to the pandemic.

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