Take control of your finances

At Unidos, we want to empower our community with financial advice that is simple and effective.

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Save Money Automaticaly

Save Money Automatically

We automatically set aside money so you can save for what matters most

Negotiate your Bils

Negotiate your Bills

We negotiate with cable and mobile service providers to make sure you get the best possible pricing

Fight Bank Fees

Fight Bank Fees

We detect unnecessary credit card and banking fees and work to get you your hard-earned money back

Monitor Subscriptions

Monitor Subscriptions

We constantly monitor your subscriptions and look for ways to save you money

Manage your household

Manage your Household

We make it simple for you to add members of your household so you can manage your family's money with ease

Unidos is a financial wellness company

We saw financial innovation over the last 10 years drive costs down for the highest credit quality and economic segments, but not for everyone. We are dedicated to helping communities of different languages and backgrounds by breaking down the barriers of financial innovation.

Monthly Budget

Our mission is to help you take control of your finances

Finance can be complicated, but not for us. We make managing your money, bills, and debt simple. We're experts in personal finance and we build tools and technology to help make managing your money easier.

Learn all about managing your money

Check out our expert articles and learn all about loans, mortgages, buying a car, bank accounts, and so much more.

We lockdown and protect your data

Your security is our top priority

We use bank-grade security. That means we use 256-bit AES encryption, multi-factor authentication, and session-level security to protect your data.